@The Health Administration Center aims to offer the best health and counseling service for the student to spend a healthy campus life. We offer four daily services:first aid,health consultation,student counseling,and group activities for health promotion. In addition,we provide medical examinations and research for health maintenance and illness prevention of all the students and staff.

Student Counseling
@We provide Counseling service for the students feel concern about the campus life,for example, concern about life course,human relationships,psychological adjustment and psychiatric matter. We protect the privacy of client,so you can talk about your problems without any anxiety. Available time is below

First Aid and Health Consultation
@The Center is in The Center for Student Affairs Building. We offer first aid to sudden illness or injuries, and refer to the corresponding hospitals or clinics upon a need. Health consultation service are available in the time below. Please visit us when you have any sort of concern about your health condition.

Health Administration Center




Masanobu Tatsumi
@(Director,Medical Doctor)

The Center for Student Affairs Building 1F
The Health Administration Center


X:OO a.m.- S:RO p.m.

Kayoko Satou

Atsuko Naganuma
(Public Health Nurse)

Tomoko Abe
(Public Health Nurse)

Hiroshi Hayasaka

The Center for Student Affairs Building 2F
The Student Counseling Office


X:RO a.m.- T:OO p.m.

Seiko Tachihara
(Part-time Counselor)

@Fri. O:OO p.m. - S:OO p.m.

Masae Satou
@@(Part-time Counselor)

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Building #6
Personal Office

(Assosiate Prof.Satou)

Plesase make an appointment by telephone or E-mail.

The Center is closed on Sat.Sun.National holidays.

Group Activities for Health Promotion
@We regularly hold some group activities aiming at health promotion of the students and staff. Following activities are on open now. If you are interested in them,please contact us.
@Taichi Class
@gShigin hClass(Shigin is the recitation and vocalization of Chinese or Japanese poetry )
@Seminar for smoking cessation
@Seminar for better human relationships

Medical Examinations and Issuance of Health Certificates
@There is some instruments for physical check(height,weight,eyesight,blood pressure,and body fat) at entrance hall of the Center,and so you freely use them for daily health maintenance.
@Regular physical check-ups of all the students(April to May) and staff(September), and specific physical examinations for high risk staff and students are carried out annually. According to the results,we require further examinations,and refer to the corresponding hospitals or clinics.
@Based on the results of regular physical check-ups, we issue health certificates required to apply field training, scholarships, jobs etc. at no charge. If you do not take all items of the check-ups,however,we can not issue health certificates for you.